Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bangin' It

Written by: Kathryn Greever & Denise Unrein (DTC Spa Employees)

As always Antoine Du Chez offers complimentary bang trims in between cuts to freshen up your look without the need of a full hair cut.

There is no need for an appoinment, just walk on in and one of our stylist will be glad to assist you.

And while we do not suggest you cut your own bangs at home (we all have heard and experienced those lovely cuts) , we all have been in the situations where there is no time to come in and you are looking like Cousin It. Below are a few tips from our team of master stylists:

Scissors- No borrowing your childs scissors or grabbing the pair from the kitchen. A good inexpensive pair can be found at Sally's or the beauty section at your local drug store.

Cut Dry- Your hair shrinks from the transistion from wet to dry. Your bangs could have the perfect look when you have cut them wet, by as soon as they are dry, you could be all forehead.

Sectioning- Part and style your hair the way that you always do. The pie section should never go beyond two inches from the hairline (at the forehead) back or past the the corners of the eye.

Making the cut- Grab a section of hair that you can hold between your middle and pointer finger. Pull the hair straight down with slight tension, if the hair is pulled too tight it will end up being uneven and too short due to natural callicks and bounce. Cut the hair a little longer than desired, you can always cut off more. Sometimes it is helpful to cut the finishing touches with the hair falling down naturally, this will expose the natural movement of the hair.

Side swept- Instead of cutting straight across, you want to cut the shortest piece where you want it to fall and angle it down at the desired end length.

We hope these few simple tips will you help you get by in your time crunch until one of our stylist are able to assist you.